Are hurricane shutters effective?

Find Out How Hurricane Shutters Work

Are accordion shutters effective?

Accordion shutters are one of the most popular types of hurricane shutters. They are made from strong, light-weight aluminum or polycarbonate material, are simple to operate, and require no additional space to be stored. They are strong and long-lasting and protect your home from damage from the strong winds produced by hurricanes. Many models come with a lock to protect your home from theft if you evacuate during a hurricane.

How do accordion shutters work?

Accordion shutters are one- or two-piece hurricane coverings that are permanently affixed to your home. The accordion shutters travel on a track-and-wheel system. They unfold like an accordion to cover and protect windows or doors during a storm.

One-piece accordion shutters are mounted on one side of the window or door to be protected. When it is time to protect your home from an impending hurricane, they can be unlocked, opened, and secured to the opposite side of the window.

Two-piece accordion shutters are mounted on both sides of the window or door. To secure the accordion shutters for a storm or hurricane, they unfold and meet in the middle of the window or door. They are then locked in place.

Accordion hurricane shutters slide on a track, making it easy for one person to secure the entire home before a storm. Over time, the track used to house the storm panels may break down or get damaged, so proper maintenance is required.

Accordion Hurricane shutters protect your windows from breaking under strong, hurricane force winds and the impact of flying debris.

Are Bahama shutters effective?

Bahama shutters have been used for decades in – you guessed it – the Bahamas to protect homes and businesses from hurricane damage. They provide excellent storm protection whether you choose wooden Bahama shutters or aluminum Bahama shutters.

You’ll love how your home looks after installing Bermuda shutters. You’ll also enjoy a bit more privacy and a cooler home since the window coverings block much of the hot Florida sunlight from coming into your windows.

How do Bahama shutters work?

This type of storm shutter is mounted to the top of the window at a 45 degree angle. Bermuda shutters are one-piece shutters. Each shutter covers one window and can be closed very quickly in preparation for a storm.

Some other benefits of Bahama shutters:

  • Blocks the sun during hot Florida summers
  • Keeps the home cooler and reduces cooling costs
  • Adds privacy – you can see out but others cannot see in

Are Colonial shutters effective?

Colonial shutters have been used for centuries to protect homes from excessive heat and cold, adverse weather, and hurricanes. They are some of the most stylish and versatile shutters and provide long-lasting beauty as well as protection when hurricane season hits.

How do Colonial shutters work?

Colonial shutters are hinged along the vertical edges of windows and openings. When it’s time to hurricane-proof your home, they are quick and easy to deploy and offer solid protection. The shutters meet in the middle when closed to provide a protective covering. Storm bars are then installed over the shutters to ensure they are secure.

When not in use, Colonial shutters rest open to each side of the window or door, secured by pins, and add charm and character to your home.

Are roll down shutters effective?

Although they are one of the most expensive hurricane protection systems, roll down shutters are very effective and convenient. They offer lifetime protection of the home but require more regular maintenance and upkeep than the other types of hurricane shutters.

Roll down shutters can protect your home from hurricane damage from high winds, flying debris, and water.

How do roll down shutters work?

Roll down shutters do exactly that – roll down over an opening – to secure your home and protect it from hurricane damage. They can be deployed with the flip of a switch or manually and do not require additional storage space when not in use. Roll down shutters don’t take long to deploy – less than an hour – and can be done easily by one person.

Are storm screens effective?

Florida Building Code approved, storm screens protect your home from winds over 200 miles per hour and can also withstand large missile impacts (which doesn’t mean a warhead will accidentally be launched during the next storm – just that large objects flying through the air at a high velocity are also called missiles).

Storm screens are made from tightly woven materials to protect your home or business from wind borne debris impacts, hurricane force winds, and intense rain. Although they are very lightweight, they provide the same protection as other types of hurricane shutters.

How does hurricane screen work?

Hurricane screen works like a large trampoline, distributing impact forces across the screen to the mounting points so that wind, rain, and debris bounce off. They block most water but are not waterproof. Hurricane screen is approved by Florida and Miami-Dade building codes for use in residential and commercial hurricane preparedness.

Bahama shutters enhance the exterior of any home or office building and add value and beauty to the property.

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Are hurricane panels effective?

Storm panels are an effective hurricane-proofing system to protect your home from tropical storms. Hurricane panels are corrugated and can be used to protect all the openings in your home – windows, doors, archways, etc. – from high winds, rain, and flying debris.

Combine aluminum or metal panels with polycarbonate to protect each opening, but let in a bit of natural light from the outside. Many homeowners choose to combine panels to avoid the “in a cave” feeling most hurricane shutters create.

Aluminum panels, clear panels, and galvanized metal panels can be mounted in many different ways to meet the unique architecture of your home:

  • Horizontally
  • Vertically
  • With tracks
  • With bolts
  • Combining tracks and bolts
  • Over large or small openings
  • Over archways and odd-shaped openings

How do storm panels work?

Storm panels come in a few different styles:

  • Track and Bolts System: This panel system has a track above the window and bolts beneath the window.
  • Track System: Tracks are mounted above and below the windows and doors to be enclosed. Panels slide into the tracks and must be aligned to the holes in the tracks to be secured.
  • Bolts System: Bolts are permanently driven into the wall beside windows and doors. Panels are then hung horizontally on the bolts and secured.

These shutters can come in individual panels which are easy to handle and install, but take quite a bit of time – about 15 minutes per window – to put up. Each individual panel overlays the first to increase the strength of the hurricane covering.

Panels might also come in large sizes manufactured to fit entirely over each opening. The increased size makes these panels difficult for one person to handle and increases the likelihood that the panel could get bent out of shape. Handle large metal panels with care as the edges will be very sharp. (Mounting large galvanized steel panels is definitely not a one-person job.)

Panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Each type requires different mounting hardware and has certain advantages and disadvantages when it comes to installation.

Hurricane panels are the most versatile hurricane protection option available.