Clear Hurricane Panels

What do clear hurricane panels look like?

Clear panels can be used with aluminum panels to allow natural light in.

2020 is going to be a BIG year for hurricanes. Take action NOW to protect your home from the next major storm.

Are clear hurricane panels effective?

Clear panels – also called by their brand name, Lexan hurricane panels – are five times lighter than plywood and offer four times the impact resistance of plywood. Lexan panels are a durable, low-maintenance, transparent hurricane protection system ideal for weathering strong Florida tropical storms.

When you install clear hurricane panels on your home or business, you’re able to keep tabs on the weather outside – even if the power is out. Transparent panels allow natural light in while keeping the rain and wind out. They can be combined with other types of hurricane panels as well.

What are the pros and cons of installing clear hurricane panels?

Pros of Clear Hurricane Panels

  • Fits over any size window or door
  • Least expensive hurricane covering
  • Lightweight 
  • Provides natural light in case of power outages
  • Removable – doesn’t alter curb appeal
  • Strong and durable

Cons of Clear Hurricane Panels

  • May have sharp edges
  • More than one person needed to install
  • Panels may not line up properly
  • Requires labelling and proper organization
  • Requires storage space
  • Takes more than an hour to install

Compare & Choose Hurricane Shutters Near Me

If you’re not sure which hurricane shutters are best for your home, give us a call. We’re available for a free in-home consultation and would be happy to help you choose hurricane shutters that:

  • Look beautiful
  • Are easy for you to install 
  • Protect your home and family
  • Fit into your budget
  • Meet all your needs
Clear hurricane panels installed on cute yellow and orange Florida home.

How much does it cost to install clear storm panels?

They average cost of clear storm panels ranges from $7-$15 per square foot. You can buy clear hurricane panels from big box home improvement stores for $48-$68 per panel. The cost does not include the hardware needed to mount the panels.

How to maintain clear storm panels

The beauty of clear storm panels is that they are very low maintenance. They will not rust, crack, peel, or yellow. Clear storm panels don’t require painting or lubricating. As long as you store them properly, they should last a very long time. Clear hurricane panels are a much better investment than plywood and will eliminate that “in a cave” feeling common with most other types of hurricane shutters.

To maintain Lexan hurricane panels, simply wash with soap and water after use. Dry each panel and lay flat to store.

Where to store clear storm panels

Clear storm panels are lightweight and stack, or nest, for easy storage. You can stack roughly 9 clear panels per inch or a little over 100 panels per foot.

Which hurricane shutters are best?

The best hurricane shutters:

  • Protect your home from hurricane damage
  • Fit into your budget
  • Maintain your home’s curb appeal
  • Are convenient to deploy
  • Give you peace of mind

In other words, the best hurricane shutters depend upon factors unique to you and your needs. We’d love the opportunity to create the right storm protection solution for your home or business.